Membership dues: Pay now to save the GCNA money

All GCNA members and wannabe members, note that you can pay your annual dues by check, PayPal or credit card before January 25, 2014, and save the GCNA money that would be spent on postage to mail bills for dues not paid by then. In addition to the savings in money, you would be lightening the labor load for bill preparation, envelope licking and stamp affixing.

Dues are:

Carillonneur members $50; $35 if you are a full-time student (Canadian $56 & $39).
Associates $40; $25 for students (Canadian $45 & $28).
Sustaining at least $150 (Canadian $168)

You can mail a check now to:

David Hunsberger
GCNA Treasurer
6671 Girvin Dr
Oakland CA 94611-1629 USA

But the best way to pay now is to go to, open The Guild and choose Membership. At the bottom of the page you will see Pay Membership Dues, and then you follow the prompts to pay via PayPal. You do not have to be a PayPal member to do this. And you do not have to notify David — PayPal will send him an immediate e-mail.

David recommends PayPal for ease and lower cost, but to pay by credit card go to David’s January 16, 2014 e-mail and follow his directions.

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