Fabulous Finds from the GCNA Archives (Part II)

“The Bulletin of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America” is an important resource for communicating information about the GCNA, as well as the carillon field and everything related to it – including information about instruments, individuals, music, events, and research.

While working on the CLIR funded project to process the GCNA archives, the invoice for the printing of the very first issue of the Bulletin was discovered!

First Bulletin_Invoice (3 Oct 1940)

To date, 63 issues of the Bulletin have been published – sharing hundreds of articles with thousands of people all over the world. It’s to the GCNA’s credit that it has made a commitment to continue providing this print publication to its members for nearly 75 years!

This invoice serves as a marker of how far the Bulletin, the GCNA, and the carillon world (and technology!) have come since 1940. From mimeographed copies to full color printing, from $24.46 for issue #1 to $1706.26 for issue #63, from 53 carillons in North America to almost 200!

And just so the treasurer doesn’t worry – no, it’s not an outstanding invoice:

First Bulletin_statement (3 Oct 1940)First Bulletin_business card (Oct 1940)

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4 Responses to Fabulous Finds from the GCNA Archives (Part II)

  1. Dave Johnson says:

    And I’ve held and read and appreciated this first number! Shortly after the death of Theophil Rusterholz, carillonneur at House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul, 1941-1987, I received, among many items, Rusty’s complete set of Bulletins, beginning of course with this one. I gave his collection to the Ronald Barnes Scholarship Committee to be auctioned at the 2011 GCNA Congress, held in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Carol Jickling Lens, carillonneur at The University of Denver, was the high bidder, and Rusty’s collection is now housed in the carillon library and archives at DU. So if you ever have a 1941-ca 2001 Bulletin question, ask Carol! Thanks for this great note. Dave Johnson

  2. Jaime Fogel says:

    Thanks, Dave!

    And of course, (with the exception of the Jan 1955 issue) there’s a complete set in the GCNA archives too! :-)

  3. The publication order for the Jan 1955 issue must have been short, or calculated very tightly. Ron Barnes was editor of the Bulletin when I was studying with him at the University of Kansas in 1961-63, and he had the complete stock of available back issues. But even then, the Jan 1955 issue was unavailable except as a photocopy. Perusing those back issues gave me a great start on my database of North American carillons.

  4. Jaime Fogel says:

    Very good to know!
    Thanks, Carl!

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