Fabulous Finds from the GCNA Archives (Part III)

It’s a phrase often used – “I’m a card carrying member of [insert an organization name here].” It’s a means by which we convey our pride as being a part of or believing in a particular organization or cause – even if there isn’t an actual card to carry around in our wallet. With so many wonderful causes and organizations to be involved with, I know that you all take great pride in being card carrying members of the GCNA (as well you should)!

Although many organizations (including the GCNA) no longer issue actual membership cards anymore – and understandably so – I thought we could take a look back at the first GCNA membership card!

Here is the invoice for the printing of the first GCNA membership cards, as well as the prototype of the card itself.

First Membership Cards_Invoice (21 Oct 1936)

First Membership Card (1936)

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2 Responses to Fabulous Finds from the GCNA Archives (Part III)

  1. Dave Johnson says:

    I would like to join, please. It is so much less expensive than my good friend and GCNA Treasurer David Hunsberger is currently charging.

    Dave J

  2. Jaime Fogel says:

    I only looked very quickly, and I didn’t see a receipt for anyone’s 1936-37 dues, but the dues for 1946/47 were $3 :-)

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