Mysteries from the Archives (part IX)

Happy New Year!! Thought that we’d ring in the new year with some more Mysteries from the Archives!

As always, if you can help to provide any information about any of these photos, please email

Thank you!

Mystery #32: Bell being hoisted on/off a ship

GCNA Mystery_032

#33: Carillon set up in frame. At foundry? Eijsbouts?

GCNA Mystery_033

#34: 4 photos of playing cabin & playing mechanism. Location unknownGCNA Mystery_034

#35: Name unknown. Likely taken in France.
Donated by Didier Lannoy 1980

GCNA Mystery_035
#36: GCNA Mystery_036
#37: Is this Richard von Grabow?
Iowa State University, 1984GCNA Mystery_037
#38: Congress or gathering of some kind – WCF? French Guild?GCNA Mystery_038

#39: Wendell Westcott with ?
Michigan State University GCNA Mystery_039

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4 Responses to Mysteries from the Archives (part IX)

  1. Carol Jickling Lens says:

    39 is R Hudson Ladd for certain

  2. larry weinstein says:

    36 is Gerard DeWaard
    39 is Hudson Ladd

  3. George Gregory says:

    #37 Yes Richard von Grabow

    #39 Hudson Ladd

  4. Adrian Gebruers says:

    Number 38 – WCF Congress held in Chambery (France) 11-15 July 1994. A much younger me (and others!) can be seen in second row, fourth from left!

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