Mysteries from the Archives (part VIII)

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It’s time for another round of Mysteries from the Archives! These latest mysteries come from the photo files – some group photos and some photos of foundries.

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Mystery #23:
Identified as Jules van de Leine, but we don’t have a record of someone by that name at Saint Quentin. The closest name we found was Jules Levent.

GCNA Mystery_023Mystery #24: Mechelen August 1931, stadhuis court
Identified: William Gorham Rice, Jef Denyn, Cyril Johnston & Staf Nees. The others are unidentified

GCNA Mystery_024

Mystery #25:
Identified: Kamiel Lefevere

GCNA Mystery_025

Mystery #26:
Identified: Ron Barnes

GCNA Mystery_026Mystery #27
Back reads “3 of these / for RVG / music”

GCNA Mystery_027

Mystery #28

GCNA Mystery_028


Mystery #29:
Donated by Jim Lawson


GCNA Mystery_029

Mystery #30:

#30 Front:GCNA Mystery_030


#30 backGCNA Mystery_030b


Mystery #31:
#31 front


GCNA Mystery_031


#31 backGCNA Mystery_031b

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4 Responses to Mysteries from the Archives (part VIII)

  1. John Widmann says:

    26: Jeff Davis, John Agraz, Dave Hunsberger. 27: RVG= Dick van Grabow. 30: Arthur Bigelow and Paccard.

  2. Jim Saenger says:

    # 24, far left looks like Jef Van Hoof

  3. Ed Arp says:

    #27, standing next to RVG with glasses is Charles Sukup

  4. Luc Rombouts says:

    Mystery #23: Gustave Cantelon, carillonneur of St. Quentin (France)

    Mystery #24: left: Jef van Hoof, composer and teacher at the carillon school; Prosper Verheyden, historian and secretary of the carillon school; Henry De Coster, judge and president of the carillon school; the rest was already identified

    Mystery #30: at the right bell-founder Alfred Paccard

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