Mysteries from the Archives (part VI)

Greetings, everyone!

It’s been a busy week here in the Anton Brees Carillon Library! Restoration work has begun on the tower, I am continuing to process the vertical files, and LuAnn is hard at work on a special digitization project (more on that later :-)).

This latest mystery comes from a set of photos we received, and includes photos of towers, bells, and carillonneurs.  We believe this photo may have been misidentified, and are trying to determine its location. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!


CAR0008The label on the photo reads “Carillon for the R.C. cathedral Los Angelos (sic) California”.

The inscription on the bell reads:
“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Pope Pius XII Gloriously Reigning
Joseph Anthony O’Sullivan Archbishop of Kingston
J. Andrew O’Neill, Rector of this Cathedral
Gerald Hanley, James P. Sullivan, J.Reid Powell
Arthur Welsh, Joseph J. Brennan: Assistants”

Joseph Anthony O’Sullivan was the Archbishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada from 1944 to 1966.  Pope Pius XII served as Pope from 1939 to 1958.

If you can help to provide any information about this bell, please email me at

Thank you so much!

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