Mystery/Fabulous Find

Greetings, everyone!

I hope that you’re all having a wonderful summer!

First, I wanted to update you that the last mystery that was shared we believe with 99% certainty is a single bell located at St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Kingston, Ontario. Many thanks to Rick Watson for his help on this mystery! The nice folks at St. Mary’s were grateful to have some information about their bell, as no one has even seen it in recent years due to the dangerous conditions to access it. The bell (which was cast by Petit & Fritsen and weighs approximately 4,700 pounds) is still in use by means of an electronic mechanism that is used to strike the hour, and for special occasions such as the election of a new pope.

Second, I wanted to also share another mystery/fabulous find! (yes – it is both a mystery and a fabulous find!) This one began, as they usually do, with sorting though materials in the course of our CLIR grant funded project. I came across this letter, which makes mention of film footage taken at the Taylor Bell Foundry.

AACF USKA Ka -- Correspondence -- Letter 27 Aug 1948

Figuring that everyone would enjoy seeing the film, I set about trying to track it down. Thanks to the kind help of Caitlin at the University of Michigan’s Bentley Library, she located what she believes is the correct film! And not only that, it’s already been digitized and is available on their website!

Click here for the direct link to the digitized film. And click here for the link to the catalogue record.

And you can also click here, for a photo of the UM bourdon being tuned that is online as part of Bok Tower Gardens’ digital collections! I encourage you all to browse through the collections to enjoy other photos as well – and more will continue to be added in the future!


And last, but not least. I wanted to share the news the LuAnn has accepted another position and is no longer at Bok Tower – but she’s not too far away and I hope to work with her on future projects! However, I’m very excited to that I have been promoted to her position (which is now called Collections Manager).  So I am still available for reference/research inquiries and will still be bothering you with more mysteries, of course :-)

 Thank you!

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